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About us


Requirements for joining trader

1. Love the company’s brand, and approved the value of the brand, is willing to seek development together with the company’s brand; 2. have stores or shopping malls counters can operate independently; 3. corresponding investment capacity, to accept and implement a unified brand operations regulations;

Shop requirements

1. Shop (ground floor) or store counter position to have a competitive market or development potential; 2. store or counter area visible local market specific circumstances; 3. store by the company for the design, franchisees need in accordance with uniform brand standards for decoration;


Development support

1. Whether or not you have experience in retail operations, our brands will provide you with high profit margins, so you can easily make money; 2. Early shop have our company’s marketing staff professional shop guidance, after the shop had our company’s customer service detailed guidance personnel goods and services, to ensure the smooth opening of the store;

Product support

1. The company will provide the franchisee fashionable products, so you will always be in competition in the local market leader; 2. the company a steady stream of new product development capabilities, to protect your goods timely updates, customer always refreshing; 3. ninety percent full line of limited edition are limited, so that your goods quickly digest, fast cash;

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